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Getting Started

Let's discover randevu in less than 5 minutes.


randevu is a SaaS platform for marketplace owners and development teams, to quickly and efficiently configure, validate, launch and operate their marketplaces. Wide range of setups are supported: from traditional, product based, multi-vendor stores, up to the most sophisticated, multi-sided matching platforms in managed or regulated space.

Main building blocks of randevu are:

  • Backoffice platform builder
  • Frontoffice user interface, and
  • randevu Backend and API

Backoffice platform builder#

If you are Marketplace owner, this is your first stop in using randevu. You can configure your marketplace structure and processes here in a no-code way.


There are two ways to start the marketplace:

  • using randevu Wizard
  • starting from the scratch

Always start your marketplace by using the Wizard - it will give you a solid base you can easily understand and change if needed

Backoffice is your companion during the whole life-cycle of your marketplace. After this initial setup, you will come back here to monitor your marketplace, do the admin work, and also to extend its logic.

Frontoffice user interface#

Based on the marketplace configuration, randevu will provide a simple marketplace frontend, so-called frontoffice, so that users can join and use the marketplace the way it is configured. You can always rebrand and adjust the Frontoffice from the Backoffice platform builder, and see it updated in real-time.

Configure -> visualize -> validate loop

randevu integrated frontend gives you an efficient tool for testing and validation of your marketplace in early stage.

As your marketplace is getting traction and you wish to bring the UX to the next level, you might consider replacing this Frontoffice by your own, custom one. This is where the randevu API is coming to the game.

randevu Backend API#

randevu Backend is a super scalable backbone of the randevu architecture. Each specific Marketplace configuration is a thin layer around the reusable core logic.

Backend exposes the marketplace configuration and data via its API, for your dev team to make the best use of it. randevu API can be user to:

  • build and integrate a custom frontend, mobile app, etc.
  • extend the randevu configuration with some specific, custom pieces of logic
  • be notified about any event of interest on your marketplace
  • build your own backend on the top or randevu backbone
  • etc.